Do you need instant privacy in your garden?

Do you need instant privacy in your garden?

Clear stem mature trees can offer you instant privacy

Choose from the Irish Tree Centres’ selection of mature evergreen trees with a 2 metre clear stem + 1 metre head of evergreen foliage

• Laurels Prunus laurocerasus “Novita” – dark green dense leaves, with white flower if left unpruned
• Photinia “Red Robin” – green & red colour leaves, with white flower if left unpruned
• Portuguese Laurel Prunus lusitanica - waxy green leaves on red stem with white flowers if left unpruned
• Holly, Ilex aquifolium “Nellie Stevens “ – red berries and green leaves
• Yew Taxus baccata – rich, dark, fine green leaves
• Evergreen Oak Quercus ilex – elegant dense petite foliage, with seasonal acorns

Screen off neighbours or overlooking windows with a green solution
Each of the evergreens comes in a pot, making it ultra easy to plant
Ideal nesting trees for small birds #biodiversity
Instant garden
We have now come into the season to plant your trees.
Call Peadar on 086 8495993 to order or get more details or see our tree collection here
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@Irishtreecentre we recycle all pots

Our policy on #sustainable transport is to ensure full loads before delivery. Deposit of 30% taken with order and remaining 70% on date of delivery. Approximate lead time from placing order to delivery is 60 days or less.
We also have a broad range of ornamental specimen trees for your garden that can be collected with a lead time of 1 – 2 weeks. (A short time in the life of a tree)

Nature is our Boss

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